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5. January: Denmark explains its national bankruptcy.

22. January: A British indianische army defeated in the battle with Frenchtown one about 1,000 men counting American troop and forces it to the surrender. Indians murder afterwards about 30-60 wounded Americans (so-called River Raisin measure acre)

8. February: Professor Heinrich Steffens calls its students in Breslau to the resistance against Napoleon

28. February: Prussian-Russian military alliance of Kalisch

10. March: King Friedrich William III. donates for the first time the German war medals of the iron cross, a bravery honor for soldiers of all conditions

13. March: The French marshal Louis Nicolas Davout lets the bridge down-burn over the Elbe in Meissen consciously.

16. March: Prussia explains the war to France

17. March: Crowd refuge bases the Prussian land resistance.

18. March: Russian troops under the instruction of Friedrich Karl von Tettenborn occupy Hamburg during the war of liberation and drive the Frenchmen out from the city. These conquer however to 30. May the place back.

20. /21. May: Battle with Bautzen between the coalition and the Frenchman, victory of the napoleonischen troops

28. May: Johann Peter Horst and Friederike Luise Delitz are surrendered to the heap of failure as members of a murder burner gang on the citizens of Berlin young remote heath. This is the last execution by burning in Germany.

6. June: The 700 British defeat in the battle with Stoney Creek (Canada) over 3.000 Americans

24. June: British troops force a in terms of figures superior American department in the battle with Beaver Dams to the surrender

29. /30. August: Battle with Kulm in Böhmen between the coalition and the Frenchmen. Victory of the coalition troops